Principal's Corner

Conversations between Principal Womack and the PTSA will occur on a regular basis throughout the school year.  We know that RGMS families are looking for answers so the PTSA will follow up these exchanges with a summary of important points to share with the community.  These will be posted in our "Principal's Corner" on the PTSA website. Contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

August 14, 2020 Update

  • Primary and Lower El will have a take home packet on your assigned material pickup day containing consumable Montessori materials (for students and parents) in addition to your assigned technology device. 

  • If you cannot make it to your assigned pickup day (check welcome letter on school website), please contact the front office to make an appointment for individual pickup.

  • Supply boxes will be available for pickup in mid to late September. Date TBD.

  • Parents should purchase at home school supplies per the list posted on the RGMS website.

  • Virtual instruction will begin on August 31st at 9:15am. Breaks and small groups will be built in with staggered breakouts to avoid significant overlapping sibling sessions.

  • Teachers have had a few summer digital preservice days in preparation for the new virtual school year. 

  • Families are encouraged to please sign up for the Family Portal through School Max to ensure they are receiving up-to-date notifications from Principal Womack. 

  • During this virtual learning environment, the school building has been undergoing improvements: updated playground, outdoor classroom, HVAC upgrades, and lift upgrade.  

  • The PTSA has been asked to raise funds for the much needed replacement of the stage curtains in the multipurpose room. This stage is used for concerts, moving up ceremonies, multicultural night, arts integration and many other school programs.

September 7, 2020 Update

Please see Principal Womack’s Welcome Back to School video on the RGMS School Website and her Back to School letter. She discusses attendance policy, tech support hotline and parent support centers, social media accounts, meals, PTSA, and staff introductions.


Remember to register your phone and email in School Max Portal to receive Principal Womack’s messages! Contact Ms. Lambert in the front office if you are having difficulty.


Students will not be marked absent if we are made aware that technical issues prevented them from entering class. If your child is unsuccessful logging into their assigned teacher's classroom using the Zoom link provided, please post a message in Google classroom and email Ms. Compton or Ms. Womack. We can alert the teacher and also double check that the correct link is being used.


If the technical issue involves logging into email or accessing Clever, Mr. Galang and Ms. Worden are the point of contacts at the school level and then if necessary, you will be rerouted to the technical support hotline. You can also make an appointment at 1 of several technical support centers in the county. Please see the school website for that information, and also in the Principal’s Back to School Night presentation.

The Fall Bridging Diagnostic Administration will take place between September 8 and 25 for students in lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school. Please review the letter posted on our school website.  

September 14, 2020 Update

Q1:The reopening plan (page 111) offers that interscholastic athletics will create positive psychological and academic outcomes for students. Are there plans to implement RGMS athletics virtually? (Fall:Sept 14-Oct16/Winter: Oct26-Dec14/Spring:Dec14-Jan22

A: Ms. Alexander (Athletic Director) is still waiting for guidance about virtual sports for middle school.


Q2: What are the clubs and programs RGMS offer? Can they be displayed on the RGMS website for ease of reference?          

A: We are still organizing what clubs will be offered virtually and yes, they can be displayed once they are finalized.


Q3: How is a new program or club implemented if a parent wanted to lead a group?        

A: A proposal can be submitted for review to my email address.


Q4: What assessments or tests are administered for grades PreK3 to 8th? Can this information be captured on the rgms website for ease of reference?         

A: This information will be posted to our school website soon.


Q5: The Reopening Plan (page53) recommends how to support and engage students in Full Distant Learning Model from non-classroom personnel. How are the following personnel meeting the needs of the community:


Q5a: Instructional Staff (Reading Specialist, ILT's) 

A: Ms. Worden is our Instructional Lead Teacher for reading and the testing coordinator. She works with small groups in classrooms and organizes testing for all grade levels.


Q5b: Central Office Staff (Instruction Specialist, Coordinators, Coaches, etc)

A: Central Office supports school in several ways from providing resources for instruction to organizing professional development for teachers.


Q5c: Library Media Specialists 

A: Mr. Galang is our media specialist and he supports the entire school with learning resources as well as teaching classes, organizing Write-a-Book, and he is our onsite technology coordinator.


Q5d: Student Services (Counselors, School Psychologists, Pupil Personnel Workers)     

A: Mr. Cook is our Professional School Counselor and he supports students in all grade levels with social emotional learning, facilitates small groups, coordinates 504 meetings and monitors implementation, and works with high schools to provide information to middle school students/families about high school programs.


Q5e: School Base Nurse

A: Nurse Jane is our assigned school nurse and she supports students and families with wellness education, making sure our families are in compliance with immunizations, and maintains ,administers medication with approved doctor's orders, and provides professional development to staff.


Q5f: Special Educator    

A: Ms. Adams and Ms. Fargo are our special educators at Robert Goddard responsible for assessing students with learning differences (when there is a need for specialized instruction), developing and implementing IEP's for students in grades K to 8, and working with classroom teachers to modify and adjust instruction when needed to meet the needs of individual students.

The Child Find/Early Learning Office is responsible for assessing our Pre-K students with learning differences (when there is a need for specialized instruction), developing and implementing IEP's, and working with classroom teachers to modify and adjust instruction when needed to meet the needs of individual students.


Q5g: Related Service providers (Speech/Language)

A: Ms. Meier is our assigned Speech/Language Pathologist. She services students in grade Pre-K to 8 who require speech related services. She is responsible for assessing when needed, developing and implementing speech goals, and working with classroom teachers to meet the needs of individual students.